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Fire Up Program class hiking together


To build a brotherhood of men who share a desire to grow stronger in life's crucible.  To challenge men to be able to speak openly about the struggles they have in life while walking with them through building up the areas of; faith, family, fitness, career, and service to others. 

The Fire Up Program exists to give men the tools they need to walk boldly into the storms of life and come out the other side stronger and better equipt to live a full life, enabling them to care for those they are responsible for and be the men they are meant to be. We have found through our own trials in life, that there are things that work and things that do not. We want to come alongside you and share with you the lessons we have learned. We endeavor to pass these lessons on to you through honest and often raw talks on our own experiences, highlighting mistakes made and the paths we found through. 


Our cadre members are all professional firefighters and some of us are also veterans of the military with combat experience in Special Operations and the Infantry. The program is informed and driven by many of the experiences we have garnered in these roles, but it is for all men, regardless of occupation or background. Whatever you do for a living you will enjoy and benefit from your time in the program.


We strive to create an environment that will foster deep and lasting friendships. Some of the closest bonds in life are found between people who have gone through a crucible together, whether that be a harrowing combat experience, fighting a structure fire, or something as simple as sharing in an arduous physical task. While we cannot bring you into combat with us or fight a fire together we can face physically challenging tasks together, as a team. We tailor the physical side of our program to each individual, in order to make it challenging regardless of the current level of fitness or pre-existing injuries. The physical aspects of the program will challenge you, without singling you out, embarrassing you, or pushing you too far beyond your capabilities. 


Finally and most importantly we will challenge you spiritually. We are men of faith and all of us in one way or another have found great strength there. While we welcome any man that wants to come and better himself we do need you to know upfront that you will hear us talk about God. This is done naturally through our personal stories and is never something that you will feel pressured by. We do not expect or need you to be a man of faith to come to the program. While this is one of the primary “pillars” of the program you can rest assured that the tools and tactics learned here will benefit your life regardless of where you land on the question of faith. While we are men of faith from one background or another we are also men that operate in the very real and rough world of firefighting. As such we speak honestly and bluntly about the things we address in the program, rough language is a part of our lives as men and you will hear that at the program.


Diagonal Lines
Cabin session for the Fire Up Program in Southern California

If you currently find yourself in a place in life where you know you have areas you need to work on. If you are going through a trial in your life. If you find yourself lacking close friends that you can trust and walk through life with. This is the program for you. You will be challenged, you will be encouraged, and you will leave a better man.


Come experience The Fire Up Program with us and get fired up to be the man you want to be.

Fire Up Program class sitting through a lesson with an instructor

The Fire Up Philosophy

Life comes with storms, trials, and tests. Prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically so that when the challenge arises, you are a man prepared to face it and come out stronger for it.

Meet the Cadre

A team of highly motivated and experienced individuals who are ready to help you retake control and focus on your life.

Fire Up Program leader talking during a session

Get Inspired

Listen to the podcasts hosted by some of our cadre members. The Fire You Carry is Kevin Welsh and Nole Lilley and The Prep And Defend Show is Chris Ruano.

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