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Men doing a physical workout in on grass

Men's Personal Development Retreats

Reignite your inner fire today. We lead men’s personal development retreats for any man who is prepared to push himself to exit his comfort zone to grow. While we cater many retreats to specific groups, such as veterans or first responders, any man who is able and ready can reach out to us. The Fire Up Program retreats take men from all walks of life, through physical tasks that they accomplish together. This experience of working hard to complete a goal is a perfect opportunity for bonding and brotherhood. Pushing ourselves while working together as a group builds not only our own strength, but also support for those with us. 


However, our mental health retreats for men are more than physical fitness because that’s only part of building yourself into a better person. Your body must be healthy, but so must your mind. The Fire Up Program is a space for men to open up about their own obstacles, from addiction to PTSD and beyond. Reflection and remembrance are critical in the journey of self-improvement. Luckily, although self-improvement is about you, it’s not something you have to do by yourself. 


Improving physical and mental health helps men be more present in their faith, family, and jobs. During our wilderness retreats for men, these are all factors we discuss on the retreat because they allow us to be vulnerable in a productive way. If you’re a man who struggles with opening up about sensitive topics, you’re not alone. The good news is that there is a place for you to find men who are in the same boat and ready to move forward. We’re honored to welcome you to the Fire Up Program so you can get fired up, in a good way, about overtaking the struggles you face every day. Rediscover the fire in you that drives you to excel personally, professionally, and spiritually. Check out the schedule for our men’s personal development retreats so you can plan your visit today.

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