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Veteran Retreat attendees on a morning hike

Veteran Retreats 

You don’t have to handle physical and mental obstacles on your own. Our veteran retreats are available to ex-military members right now. Coming home from service is far from an easy transition. We understand that struggling with any issues you faced during your service and your time back home is no simple task. The Fire Up Program is all about brotherhood and overcoming challenges side-by-side. We lead retreats for ex-military members so men who have bravely served can come together to discuss their stories and struggles. As men, it’s not always easy to talk about these things, but it’s important for us to do so. True strength and growth only come when we are able to share our struggles. 


At Fire Up Program, we lead veteran retreat programs that will help you build your faith, physical strength, and mental health. No matter your struggles, you can come to our retreats to build bonds and break through life’s challenging obstacles. Your experience in the military is very personal, but you shouldn’t feel ashamed about opening up. We welcome anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone emotionally and physically.  


Improving ourselves in these ways allows us to grow in our faith as well as our roles in our families, so we can support them like they do us. Plus, the brotherhood you experience at the Fire Up Program will highlight how much support you have from people who know your story. Someone who is a stranger to you now can become a true brother over the course of a single retreat. This program is driven by the experience that our team has personally. Our whole cadre is comprised of professional firefighters, but some also have combat experience in the military. The intense experiences firefighters and military members face closely unite the men involved. We bring that same collaboration to our retreats, but in a safer environment. Schedule a visit to one of our veteran retreats to see the experience up close.

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